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Octuplets’ Mom Defends Her Choice

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Just in case you have not heard this mother recently gave birth to eight babies.  The twist is she is divorced, unemployed and already had six children.

Idiocracy in action…

Listen real carefully Nadya Suleman and all those who support her decision. Just because it is something you always ‘wanted’, doesn’t justify the action. In the end, your decision is completely self-centered and short-sighted. Our modern world is not like the past. The days of ‘being fruitful and multiplying’ must face a reality of finite resources to sustain it. With 6.8 billion people on this little ball, if every woman were to make the choices as you, in thirty years the world’s population would be 47.6 billion and growing exponentially. Simply put, this is not even remotely possible, and if history can serve as a predictive guide, humanity would turn to massive killings long before we reach that point and only level off once we enter a new period of dark ages.

This image provided by NBC shows Nadya Suleman, left, speaking with Ann Curry in 

For all of ours lives we believed that we could continue to grow our population and also enjoy higher and higher levels of prosperty at the same time. (growth=prosperity). This is a fallacy. growth and prosperity are the products of surplus and in the age of cheap energy this fact became clouded. But those days are ending fast and out of necessity we, as a human race, will realize we must make tough decisions about the quanity of life vs. the quality of life.


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