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How the Crash will Reshape America

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A lot of American’s attention regarding the economic crisis is currently focused on the day-to-day happenings. Whether it is on Capitol Hill where partisans are bickering on the details of a massive bailout, or in the board rooms across the country where CEO’s are examining how they will simply survive another quater, attention is given to today’s problems. And rightfully so, you don’t ponder the structural integrity of the house if it currently fallen on top of you. You are in survival mode and the short-term is the only concern. But, the reality of our current economic conditions will likely reshape the very foundations of the American landscape forever, and how it may occur has brought forth some fascinating observations and predictions. Richard Florida, writing in the March edition of The Atlantic, contemplates this very question and provides some unexpected details of potential things to come:

“The crash of 2008 continues to reverberate loudly nationwide—destroying jobs, bankrupting businesses, and displacing homeowners. But already, it has damaged some places much more severely than others. On the other side of the crisis, America’s economic landscape will look very different than it does today. What fate will the coming years hold for New York, Charlotte, Detroit, Las Vegas? Will the suburbs be ineffably changed? Which cities and regions can come back strong? And which will never come back at all


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