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PPIP = TARP v.1.0

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Im tired, frustrated and will simply cut to the chase.

The Public Private Investment Program is a scam.  George Orwell should give these asses an award for doublespeak. 

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Housing Bubble today that helps bring to light some of the details of the program…

I remember when the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program was released back in the fall on the pretense that it was going to buy toxic assets.  Remember the storm that created?  The public was appalled and that initial gut reaction was proven to be right.  Ultimately the first $350 billion of the TARP went directly to banks as capital injections and did absolutely nothing for the health of our economy and ultimately was a major safety net for the banks.  Yet the bad assets remained.  No credit lending to average Americans.  Bad assets still there.  TARP 1 was a gift to banks and Wall Street.  Which brings us to the PPIP.

The problem with the PPIP is that it is designed to provide a major subsidy to so-called private investors to buy up toxic assets.  This is a misnomer.  Why is that?  Language is important in any legislation and especially when presenting a money grab like this one.  First, there is very little about this plan that encourages the “private sector” in buying these toxic assets.  At least it isn’t private in the sense that you and 95 percent of Americans would like to think of it as private.  That is to say, if you had some capital laying around and wanted to buy up some toxic assets yourself, you would not be able to do so?  Why?  Well let us take a look at the application for this PPIP on the Financial Stability website:


I’ll get into the details of the plan later in this article but this application pretty much sums up everything that is wrong with this program.  First, participating institutions must have the capacity to raise $500 million of private capital.  This is great for bailout participants that are deemed too big to fail since they’ll have that money easily accessible.  Next, they’ll need a minimum of $10 billion in market value assets under management.  This is important to keep out the riff raff of “small time investors” since only the big boys know how to mange money.  Finally, the deadline for the PPIP application is get this, April 10, 2009 at 5:00pm Eastern Time.  Bwahahaha!  They already know who is going to get the bids!  So much for that “open” market place notion.  They spent such a long time devising this plan and now they expect solid plans to come out in a little over 2 weeks?  The Treasury already has an idea who is going to play in this game on taxpayer funds and it is the same institutions that created this mess.

If you want a sense of who stands to benefit just look who posted massive rallies today:


Even though the market posted a “broad” 7 percent rally, many of these firms tripled that in the same day.  And don’t think this rally was somehow spurred by the retail investor sitting on the sideline.  You mean the unemployed ran back in to gamble in the stock market?  You mean to tell me that 50 percent of those in our country that are 1 or 2 paychecks away from financial trouble knew to invest in these firms that stand to benefit the most from this poorly planned investment program (the real PPIP)?  Amazing isn’t it?  This was a major gift to Wall Street.


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