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This guy has no idea what he is talking about.

FTA: “Home sales will turn around by midyear and home prices will begin recovering by the end of this year after bottoming out at 35 percent of their value from peak to trough. Home prices won’t return to their values of a few years ago during the boom, but will recover from current lows, he said”

This is not the case. The only senerio I can envision where aggregated home prices only drop by 35% requires a boost of inflation, a false reality of wealth.  Please refer to chart below.

Housing prices will need to be cut at least in half from inflation adjusted national peak values before they are back in line with household incomes. That’s not all, there is a demographic factor. The baby boomers who own most of these houses out-number their children who are poorer. Gen Y and X simply do not have the means to purchase these houses, even before the bubble.


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